Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Royal Street , New Orleans, Louisiana

Royal Street empties into a deep mist, the buildings imbued with the souls and emotions of all who've come before. As you gaze down the street, you can almost feel time slipping away as that black magic takes you back.. The corner of Royal Street and St. Peter is as good a place as any to see the melding of old and new in one of the most amazing cities in the United States. New Orleans is a phoenix that continually rises from the ashes to the sound of a jazz saxophone with the ringing echoes of Mardi Gras past. Ecelectic shops and eclectic people gather in the French Quarter ensuring that you will have a one of a kind experience. Whether you tour a cemetary at night or enjoy a beverage along Burbon Street or stroll through the Garden district the city will take a piece of your soul and leave a little something in your heart.

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