Wednesday, March 09, 2011

HorseTail Falls , Oregon

HorseTail Falls Postcard postcard
HorseTail Falls Postcard by Sialicious
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You can almost hear the powerful roar of the mighty Horsetail Falls, its dynamic force evident in the rushing waters. Frozen in this photo, yet still retaining that feeling of raw nature and exhilaration. Caught on a gorgeous, and sunny, summer day, the waterfall contrasts beautifully with the greenery that surrounds it. Located along the Columbia River Historic Hwy parallel to I-84 between Portland and Hood River in Oregon, it is the last in a well-known chain of waterfalls dotting the Hwy and one of the most accessible. More waterfalls and other natural sites can be found further east on the Columbia River Hwy so named for the Columbia River that it follows.

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